My 100 days of focus on improving my health. What works? What doesn't?

This post is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve discovered this amazing guy, Gil Hedley, who describes how our amazing bodies work, by showing it with human cadavers.

Yes, I know. Eeewwww.  But also, coooooollllllll.

A while back I was having a lot of pain in my feet, and used the amazing Facebook to ask my friends who stand on their feet all day like I do, what kinds of shoes they wear. When they replied “Merrills” and “sneakers”, I thought, why do my feet hurt so much, then? One of them enlightened me to plantar fascitis, which it seems everyone else in the world already knew about, and that the cure is to do these stretches every day.  I do them now and have never had a problem since.

Well, Gil shows us right here in this little video what fascia look like, and shows us how to avoid the long-term build up of problems. The answer? Move!

Happily, I just began yoga again, just a short session in the morning. Seeing Gil’s footage (I admit: I covered my eyes for part of it – I’m a little squeamish) gave me a powerful dose of imagery that has added to my joy of movement today.  After all, we are all terminal on this bus, right?  So someday I will be dead and the only way my arms will be movin’ is if Gil is a’flappin them, so I might as well move today, while I can!  You, too.

Happy viewing. Viewer discretion advised.

Lisa Johnson, Y’Ambassador, Yummy Yammy

Thank you to Melissa McLean Jory for her post alerting me to Gil.


Comments on: "Day Eight: A Cadaver’s Fascia. Stretch! Move!" (2)

  1. Thank you for the linkage love! Yes, move, bend, stretch and twist. It is SO healing. There is also this annoying thing called Morton’s neuroma, which I have in both feet. Yoga! Movement! Don’t let it get you down. And don’t you just LOVE Gil Hedley. I have a total crush on him (well, not really, but still — isn’t he cute and brilliant). Okay, now read his book and follow him on Facebook. There are all kinds of wonderful discussions taking place on his Facebook page.
    Peace, joy and bendy-twisty love!

    • Yes, it was great. I also really enjoyed your blog. I am on a 100-day quest for deeper health, and am exploring and learning about so many amazing things. I love what can happen when I suspend my know-it-all-ness. Thanks for your great work, Melissa. Lisa Johnson, Y’Ambassador

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